Ricardo Gallo presents in this format compositions from his repertoire for other groups in solo-piano versions, and improvised pieces.

As pianist-composer, Gallo looks to minimize the disticntion between improvisation and composition. Or, in other words, to present in a distilled and direct way the creative process of his music that has been known mainly through his work with other groups and collaborations with other musicians.

Photo by Mariana Reyes


Más allá de las montañas

Ricardo Gallo, solo piano

bluegallo music. 2016 May

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Ricardo Gallo, piano

  1. Stomp at no man's land
  2.  Lagunas
  3. Like Archie
  4. Mizar
  5. Una copla me ha cantado
  6. Anticopla
  7. Ventanas
  8. Viejo Presagio
  9. 88 drums for Cecil
  10. Aterrizando, una vez más

All music by Ricardo Gallo except “Una copla me ha cantado”, by Violeta Parra.
Recorded at the Banff Centre, Canada by Magdalena Kasperek and Marta Olko in november 2012.
Mixed by Daniel Restrepo in Bogotá, Colombia.
Mastered by Camilo Giraldo in Bogotá, Colombia.
Art by Siu Vásquez, 2016
Design by Nicolás Herrera
Produced by Ricardo Gallo
The recording of this album was posible thanks to funds from Colombia Ministry of Culture for a residency at the Banff Centre in 2012.
© bluegallo music 2016