* The magazine Semana chooses Tribu del Asfalto, the fourth album with my quartet, as one of the three notable jazz releases from Colombia in 2013.
* Tribu del Asfalto appears among the best albums of 2013 on DownBeat.
* The first review of The RicTer Scale’s album intimations appears on Downtown Music Gallery from where it can be ordered.
* A brief review on DownBeat of Tribu del Asfalto
* A review in Spanish of Tribu del Asfalto on the blog El Orejón Sabanero
* A dedicated account on the Festival Distritofonico 2013 on the blog El Orejón Sabanero
* A wonderful review of Tribu del Asfalto on the british site Dalston Sound written by Tim Owen.
* A review in portuguese of Tribu del Asfalto for the magazine written by Rui Eduardo Paes
* With the occasion of the appearence of my quartet at the Festival Distritofonico happening in Bogotá, here’s an entry on the blog El Orejon Sabanero
* The first review of Tribu del Asfalto the latest quartet album appears on Downtown Music Gallery, where you can also order the CD.


  • Alejandro Convers wrote a detailed review for Revista Diners  accompanied with a video by Luna Løfstedt about what happend behind the stage on the concert and live recording we did with my quartet at Festival of “Teatro Libre” in Bogotá. In the same publication, he wrote another article after an interview we had before the concert. (In Spanish.)
  • An interview or  the “Proust Questionnaire” at All About Jazz Italia, appeared after our concert with my quartet at Novara Jazz. (In Italian).
  • After a long interview, journalist Manuel Dueñas wrote an interesting article for Colombian newspaper El Espectador: “Las Musicas de Ricardo Gallo” : “The pianist from Bogotá is one of the most original Colombian musicians in the present. With Jazz as a point of departure, he has built an oeuvre that defies labels” (In Spanish.)
  • A recent review of “The Great Fine Line” appeared on All About Jazz Italia, written by Paolo Peviani: “…Brani ben scritti, melodie convincenti, pedali ritmici accattivanti, intrecci tra trombone e sax (soprattutto soprano) deliziosi, sezione ritmica incisiva … Molto bene! “
  • Antenas-Intervenciones is a web-based radio program broadcasted in several radio stations in latin america. A program on my music was broadcasted in February (In Spanish but the program is mostly music!)
  • A recent review of “Resistencias” on the site Sonidos Colombianos (In Spanish)


  • A review of the album “Meleyolamente”, of our duo Gallo/Florez for El Espectador by Manuel Dueñas, with the occasion of a concert of the duo in Bogotá (In Spanish).
  • On All About Jazz-Italy I was asked the question: What 10 CDs are you listening to right now? (translated into Italian!)
  • An extended interview at the website based in Spain Tomajazz by Pachi Tapiz (in Spanish, but here’s an English translation!)
  • A review on The New York City Jazz Record (former All About Jazz NY), about The Great Fine Line, with the occasion of a couple of appearances of my group Tierra de Nadie in the Spring in NYC.
  • A review of The Great Fine Line at All About Jazz published originally by Greg Applegate in his blog.
  • On The New York City Jazz Record (former All About Jazz NY) appeared a review of Resistencias under “Global Unity”, a column that focus on music from one country, this time featuring Colombia.
  • In the blog The Jazz Mann appeared a really comprehensive review of the album Resistencias, with my cuarteto, written by Tim Owens.
  • In DownBeat magazine, Peter Margasak wrote a review of The Great Fine Line with Tierra de Nadie AND of Resistencias with the cuarteto.
  • A very special review of “The Great Fine Line” written by Luis Daniel Vega for the Colombian cultural magazine Arcadia. (In Spanish.)
  • A review of the album “The Great Fine Line” in the Portuguese magazinge by Pedro Lopes (in Portuguese.)
  • A very detailed review of “The Great Fine Line” in the site Point of Departure written by Troy Collins.
  • A recent review of “Live in Lisbon” with Peter Evans Quartet, for the
  • In the Argentine site El Intruso I was invited to be part of the musicians’ poll to select the albums of the year (2010).
  • The first review in English of “The Great Fine Line” appears in the blog JazzWrap written by Stephan Moore.
  • In the French magazine World Sound, Etienne Sevet published an article about the music scene in Bogotá. You can read in his blog República Calicuta the Spanish translation and see images of the original French article.
  • Review of “The Great Fine Line” in the Spanish site Tomajazz by Pachi Tapiz. (In Spanish language.)
  • In the site Jazz Colombia 9 journalists published their list of the 5 best jazz albums in Colombia in 2010, Resistencias or The Great Fine Line appearing throughout.
  • A review of “The Great Fine Line” in Time Out Lisbon by Jose Carlos Fernandes (in Portuguese).
  • An extensive interview in the Argentine site El Intruso conducted by Sergio Piccirilli, covering severeal projects of mine at the moment. (In Spanish.)


    • In Semana magazine, the album Resistencias is chosen among the 10 best Colombian albums in 2010, and in the same edition I appear as 10 new faces in the arts in Colombia (In Spanish.)
    • In Arcadia magazine an article titled “¿arrebato pasajero?” (spurt of the moment?) about the 24 jazz CDs published by Colombians in 2010 (a much greater number than previous years). Among them, “The Great Fine Line” is chosen as the best of the year. Written by Luis Daniel Vega (In Spanish.)
    • Juan Carlos Garay wrote for Semana about two independent Colombian record labels: Festina Lente Discos (the first CD of their catalog is Gallo/Florez’s album) and Reef Records (In Spanish.)
    • Review about the CD release of “The Great Fine Line” with the group Tierra de Nadie written by Adriana Carrillo for the site Jazz Colombia. Also for the same site Carrillo conducted an interview. (In Spanish.)
    • First review in English of Resistencias, the third album with my cuarteto, writen by Stephan Moore at the blog JazzWrap
    • Review on the blog of radio station wfmu (beware of the blog), as pre-release of the album “The Great Fine Line” with Tierra de Nadie, written by Seth Watter.
    • Three selected reviews of the album “Peter Evans Quartet – Live in Lisbon” in which I participated in the recording in 2009 during the festival Jazz em Agosto, and was published in 2010 under Clean Feed Records: One written by Troy Collins for All About Jazz, another one in the British blog The Jazz Mann by Tim Owen, and another one in the site Touching Extremes.
    • The first review of Resistencias was written by Rafael Serrano for the site Jazz Colombia. (In Spanish.)
    • An article in Semana magazine about several creative collectives in Colombia, including La Distritofonica. (The venue matik-matik which has been an important space for our music is also mentioned.)



    • “The percussiveness and hybridity of the music are memorable; likewise the coherence of the band and their agile interaction across treacherous musical divides. But neither novelty nor musical ability should obscure the other great strength of the band: Gallo’s deeply melodic compositions.” Wrote James Nichols in an in-depth article about Urdimbres y Marañas on All About Jazz. Published on May 9th, 2008.
    • “A mature and surprising album”, writes Luis Daniel Vega about Urdimbres y Marañas in his column “Desde el Margen” (on the margin). Published in Spanish.
    • An article on “Urdimbres y Marañas” in the Colombian magazine Semana written by Juan Carlos Garay, published on may 2008 (in Spanish.)
    • The album Urdimbres y Marañas was the “Pick of the Month” in April 2008.
    • On the U.K. music magazine Wire of april 2008, composer Victor Gama wrote an article about the experimental music scene in Bogotá. The article mentions our collective La Distritofonica and an appearance of my quartet in Bogotá.
    • Another review about Urdimbres y Marañas on All About Jazz, written by Budd Kopman, published on april 9th, 2008.Interview conducted by Roberto Carlos Lujan for the publication La Palabra of the University del Valle in Cali, Colombia (in Spanish.)
    • Read the first review for the album “Urdimbres y Marañas”, written by José Alejandro Cepeda for Arcadia, (from Semana): “Tejiendo Nuevos Caminos Musicales” (weaving new musical paths.) (in Spanish.)


    • Read the article “El Folclor Universal” for the newspaper El Espectador written by Juan Camilo Maldonado, published in September 2007 with the occasion of the International Jazz Festival at Teatro Libre in Bogotá. (In Spanish.)
    • A review at a french magazine jazzman mentioning our participation in the Lima Jazz Festival, written by Mathias de Breyne (in french.)


    • “Los Cerros Testigos” among the best albums of 2006 in the list published on December 27th, 2006 at All About Jazz.
    • Review of Los Cerros Testigos at the Argentinean musical journal El Intruso (in Spanish.)
    • Interview published on the colombian weekly magazine Semana, by Juan Carlos Garay (In Spanish.)
    • Review in Soho magazine published in July 2006 (in spanish.)
    • Budd Kopman writes on May 30th 2006: ”…The joy of making music and the freedom of jazz infuse every note here. It’s wonderful to hear how jazz enables Gallo and his band to express both who they are now and where they came from. ” Read the whole review at All About Jazz.
    • “The fourth delivery of the collective La Distritofónica is the result of a musical reflection that, from New York, the pianist Ricardo Gallo has raised around traditional Colombian music departing from two main themes: the subtlety of the sounds of the high Andean plateau at the middle of the country (bambucos and torbellinos) and the rhythmic excess of the porros pelayeros (music of the street bands from the Atlantic coast). Revolving around his work as a composer of electro-acoustic and contemporary music, the pianist reveals that the possibilities of Colombian music reach universal colors and textures if they are contemplated from diverse contemporary optics, in this case jazz music. Los Cerros Testigos (The Witnessing Hills), title that encompass the nostalgia of a Bogotanean, is an album with seven compositions of the artist plus one set of collective improvisation produced by Alejandro Forero and mixed by Mark Helias. Accompanied by Juan Manuel Toro on the double bass, Jorge Sepúlveda on the drums, and Juan David Castaño on percussion, Ricardo Gallo opts for reconciling his origins through eight sonic paintings that transmit as a whole a delirious and introspective poem of exile.” (translation, Carla Macchiavello.) Read the original review in spanish by Luis Daniel Vega, for Rolling Stone Latin America, March 2006
    • Read the article ¿Llegó la hora de Colombia? about jazz in Colombia today, written by Juan Carlos Valencia Rincón for Arcadia (in spanish.)