La Quinta del Lobo

La Quinta del Lobo “Wolf Fifth” is an interdisciplinary group integrated by artists with experience in the field of electronic arts, music and dance, by the initiative of visual artist Carmen Gil Vrolijk. They began their collaboration in 2010 and since then they’ve working on the project “Vanitas Libellum” which premiered March 8, 2012.

Vanitas Libellum

Vanitas libellum (The book of Vanities), is a multimedia staged performance that explores the concept of time and the form in which we perceive it. Inspired by the “Vanitas” (subgenre of the Baroque still life), the project explores the possibilities of audiovisual and expanded narratives, reflecting the different visions, dreams and nightmares that humans experience around the passing of time.

The project, controlled in real time, employs large-scale projection, video mapping, dancer motion tracking, interactive interfaces and original live music. Duration: 1 hour.

Here is a preview:


Carmen Gil Vrolijk: (concept, direction, video & live video)

Camilo Giraldo Angel: (original music, acoustic guitar, electronics, sound objects)

Ricardo Gallo: (original music, piano, synthesizer, electronics, sound objects)

Luisa Hoyos: (dancer)

Milton Piñeros: (sound engineer)

Plinio Barraza: (Interaction design, programmer)

Estefanía Barreto: (asisstant to the director, video, interaction & light)


Past Collaboration with Carmen Gil Vrolijk and Camilo Giraldo Angel:

Mapping on the façade of “Iglesia de Lourdes” for the Festival Electrópolis 2011, in Bogotá Colombia.

(I recommend you view this video on full screen)

Direction, digital layout and edition: Carmen Gil Vrolijk.
Music first movement (first 5 minutes): Ricardo Gallo
Music 2nd and 3rd Movements: Camilo Giraldo Angel
Animation: Estefanía Barreto
3D FX: Leo Carreño & Daniel Naranjo
3D modeling & animation: Santiago Calle, Liberum Donum