Piano Lessons

Piano lessons: Jazz piano for all levels as well as classical piano for beginners or intermediate students.
Kids and adults, beginners or continuing students are welcome.
I have a PhD in music composition from Stony Brook University and over 10 years of experience teaching private lessons.
In the lessons we can also go over several aspects of music theory/harmony/ear training as well as composition if you are interested.
I encourage you to take the lessons at my place in Sunnyside, Queens where I have a baby grand piano and materials like music books.
I can also teach in-home lessons for a higher rate.
Please send an email to inquire for rates and availability: info [at] ricardogallo [dot] com

Jazz Colombia II

Tribu del Asfalto

Ricardo Gallo, piano
Jorge Sepúlveda, drums
Juan Manuel Toro, double bass
Juan David Castaño, percussion.

  1. Frontera Quebradiza
  2. Juan David
  3. Tribu del Asfalto
  4. Jorge
  5. Juan Manuel
  6. Punto de Llegada
  7. Ricardo
  8. Aterrizando, una vez más
  9. AIS
  10. Punto de Llegada II

All music by Ricardo Gallo except 2, 4, and 5 by  Sepúlveda, Castaño, and Toro respectively.

Produced by Ricardo Gallo.
Recorded Live at Festival de Jazz del Teatro Libre, Bogotá, Colombia September 5, 2012.
Recorded and mixed by: Julián Gallo
Mastered by Camilo Giraldo, Bogotá, Colombia.
Design: Nicolás Herrera
Cover Art: Ernesto Salmerón, 2012.
Group Photo: Catalina Villamizar.


Terri Hron: recorders
Ricardo Gallo: piano

1. bug jitters
2. ovalist rabbit
3. desert temple
4. interlocking branches
5. volière électrique
6. magnetism
7. late fall forest enchantment
8. golondrinas en migración
9. geyser Song
10. Orion bathing
11. swimming upstream
12. interstellar gravitation
13. bird’s eye view

All music by Terri Hron and Ricardo Gallo.
Produced by: Terri Hron and Ricardo Gallo.

Recorded at The Banff Centre, Canada, March 2013.
Recording Engineer: Magdalena Kasperev
Mixing: Amandine Pras
Mastering: Daniel Porter.
Original Art Work: Verónica Chavarro “Como sombras” 2013.
Design: Nicolás Herrera.


* The magazine Semana chooses Tribu del Asfalto, the fourth album with my quartet, as one of the three notable jazz releases from Colombia in 2013.
* Tribu del Asfalto appears among the best albums of 2013 on DownBeat.
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* A wonderful review of Tribu del Asfalto on the british site Dalston Sound written by Tim Owen.
* A review in portuguese of Tribu del Asfalto for the magazine Jazz.pt written by Rui Eduardo Paes
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* The first review of Tribu del Asfalto the latest quartet album appears on Downtown Music Gallery, where you can also order the CD.

Newsletter May 2013

Dear ones,

I am writing you sharing some news, links, etc.

A new piece that I wrote for “Ecos Sinfónicos”, an event by  Colombia National Symphony Orchestra  is almost finished.  This came about from a call  for works for composers younger than 35 (a category I am leaving behind this week…). The piece, titled No es pasión, es delirio will be conducted by young and noted conductor Andrés Orozco , the concerts will be July 5th at  Teatro Mayor in Bogotá and July 6th at Teatro Metropolitano in Medellín.

I will be in New York this month and will be presenting my group Tierra de Nadie with all the original personnel (Ray Anderson, Dan Blake, Mark Helias, Satoshi Takeishi, Pheeroan akLaff and myself) at ShapeShifter Lab  on May 28th. If you are in NY then or know someone who might be interested please spread the word!

Recently we started with Canadian composer and recorder player Terri Hron a duo project that we call The RicTer Scale. We met in Banff, Canada last year and earlier this year we had the opportunity to come back to begin developing the duo and make several recordings of which we have a small sample on video:

Besides acoustic improvisations, we also plan other projects and collaborations. We will have a show in NY with our common friend Dan Blake at Douglass Street Music Collective on May 24th when I will also be participating with a project by guitar player Alejandro Flórez.  With Alejandro, we have another duo some time now, and we will be on May 21st at Terraza 7.

On May 30thLinos Trio will play at “Sala de Conciertos de la Biblioteca Luis Angel Arango” in Bogotá my piece Chirimías Imaginarias for flute, viola and harp.  This will be the debut of music of mine at this lovely stage with a piece that is almost 10 years old  and perhaps is different from what I do now, but is still one of my favorites.

The 4th and latest album with my  quartetTribu del Asfalto, is about to be released.  Recorded live by my brother Julián Gallo at “Festival de Jazz del Teatro Libre” in Bogotá last year, will be #33 of La Distritofonica. Soon more details. Official release is June 8th.

Thanks fore reading, and listening. See you soon,



Ines Granja – La Voz de la Marimba

Newsletter November 2012

Dear friends,

I would like to share some news, videos, links, etc.

I will be with my quartet (with Jorge Sepúlveda, Juan Manuel Toro, Juan David Castaño) performing at some cities in South America:

24 of November at Festival de Jazz de Buenos Aires, 20:00h, Centro Cultural Recoleta, Terraza.

29 of November Thelonious, Santiago de Chile. 21:oo h

12 of December back in Bogotá at Biblioteca Nacional

14 of December at matik-matik (Bogotá)

It has been a great year for the quartet, in June we were on tour in Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Italy) and the concert at Novara Jazz was recorded and will be one of our two upcoming live albums. 2 videos below from that concert.

In September at the Festival of “Teatro Libre” in Bogotá we also recorded live, on that occasion focusing on new material, that will be the other next quartet album, stay tuned.. Alejandro Convers wrote a detailed review for Revista Diners  accompanied with a video by Luna Løfstedt about what happend behind the stage on that concert (In Spanish.)

I just finished a fabulous residency at The Banff Centre, Canadá. I was working on a piece for the ensemble of two pianists and two  percussionists Yarn/Wire, and I also recorded a piano solo session, another disc to come…. I met several musicians and with some of them some interesting collaborations are projected in the future. I also met other artists as well:

Lastly, an interview that appeared at  All About Jazz Italia after our appearance there (in Italian).

Thanks for reading and listening,





Festival Distritofonico 2012

Jueves 30 de agosto 9:00 pm
En Matik-Matik (carrera 11 #67-20)
Holman Álvarez y la metamorfósis del Diablo.

Viernes 31 de agosto 8:00 pm
Auditorio León de Greiff de la Universidada Nacional
Toro Quinteto
la Revuelta.

Sábado 1 de septiembre 8:00 pm
Auditorio León de Greiff de la Universidada Nacional
Benjamin Taubkin
Merdian Brothers
Sábado 1 de septiembre 10:00 pm
Los Pirañas

Domingo 2 septiembre 3:00 pm
Biblioteca Pública de Suba
Ricardo Gallo – piano solo

Bogotá, Colombia